Ruby and teh' Rails

- Rob Connery - on why he likes ruby - Opinion piece on why he loves ruby: - Threads in ruby: - Rails 3.0 RC1: - Boost rails performance: - Roadmap for learning rails: - Ruby shootout (comparisons of 8 implementations): - Opinion piece on his perspectives on difficulties with Ruby: - Ex-Microsoft devs talk about why they switched:

teh' .NET

- Flexible method args: - C# Dynamic features: - For a good laugh:


- REST anti-patterns: - Writing bulletproof Apps with API Errorpoints: - Designing Ruby APIs (I cried when I saw this - +1 to unicorn tears):

Code Theory / Engineering:

- Your code sucks: - How grep got its name: - What does HREF stand for: - Should developers have access to prod:

Storage / Database / SQL / NoSQL:

- NoSQL on the Microsoft platform: - CouchDB HTML5/Javascript app:


- Public links for dropbox files: - Enable Ctrl+V windows command prompt: - Turn your task list into a RPG - - How to run a meeting: - Helps you clean up your GitHub watchlist:

Sources: devshow podcast rubyshow podcast herdingcode podcast