Jake and the Giant Time Sponge

The idea of meetings often misses the execution of them. Where so much is written about meetings and yet, disturbingly, few teams do them well. »

Jake and the Giant Examination

Interviewing is one of the most challenging tasks as a software engineer or manager. Nobody takes Interviewing 101 in school and many people never get training on how to interview well. Yet it's a vitally important aspect of building a great team. »

Jake and the Giant Blunder

You need a positive system that you can apply when you make mistakes to systematically get better. Try not to focus your mindful energy on your mistake. There's a better way to live with and through mistakes. »

Jake and the Giant Responsibility

True ownership isn't about whether a thing belongs to someone; it's about what the owner does to nurture and care for it. It's about the person and their actions, not possession. »

Jake and the Giant Leap

image courtesy: NASA Black canvas. So dark that he had trouble seeing the outlines of his shoes, they were black as well. The scene almost perfected by the dark logo'ed shirt Jake decided to wear on his first day. Perhaps it was a bit too ominous; the darkness and all. »

Jake and the Giant Pit of Despair

When Jake realized that he had been staring at his screen as if it were one of those autostereogram images (where a 3D scene is encoded in a series of dot patterns) for the past 20 minutes he jolted upright. Even his physical demeanor was communicating that he had the »

Jake and the Giant Tech Debt

He looked at his cursor in vim, his code editor of choice, as if it was going to write the code for him. Jake was an average guy, inspired developer, lover of coffee and JavaScript. Pragmatism seemed to be part of his DNA. Today he felt like he was throwing »

Haven: A safer home for everyone

There have been a series of break-ins and thefts in our neighborhood recently. There is no set of signs or events that seem to point to the source of the increase. My wife said it best while she was talking to a friend. The conversation went something like... Wife: Our »

The reading torrent

I have a confession to make. Ever since I was really young I never really enjoyed reading. Early on I tried to read Homer's Iliad, Beowulf, many of Shakespear's works and the like. My parents were just like that, classic education and all that. I didn't understand them; allegory and »

Nintendo just made some of the best hardware APIs on the planet

Ok so that title might be an exaggeration but the more I use the Nintendo Switch the more I realize that this device is capable of many many configurations. It seems like an incredible API for hardware. This is of course intentional. Just looking at the design of the core »