I recently found out I am going to have a little girl. Given the back drop that my four other children are boys, that I was raised with more brothers than sisters and my chosen carrier is dev let’s just say I have trouble “expressing” emotions.

Emotions are for socially accepted people, a notion that many developers seem to struggle with - being socially acceptable, that is. So in any given dev team how do you deal with introverts and the socially challenged, when you as a leader should be, well leading (whatever that actually means to the people you’re leading).

You start by connecting on an emotional level. Try by asking what do they love about their job and what do they hate. If they give you service level answers at first start off by “actually” being real with them and tell them about your love/hate relationship with your job.

The take away: You’ll probably lean something you didn’t know; something you’ll actually be able to do something about.