I like the smell of mowed grass. It reminds me of things like spring, new things and that something just got done.

Most of us have lists. I call mine the “grrr” list (pronounced grrr). This is a list of things that constantly irritate you about the software you write but for some reason you just cannot stop to address it.

My personal software grrr list has things on it such as: rip out old data model and replace it with the new shiny one I just built, change doc-type on all of my sites - so that I can-haz HTML 5 or move all of my domain names to one provider.

The things on your grrr list are important because they cause you grief and no one likes a constant stream of grief (re: Frasier). Do yourself a favor and create a grrr list - and in moments where you could watch re-runs of Frasier instead do something on that list.

You’ll feel accomplished and less frustrated with the software you write. Then you can go outside and do something you’ve been putting off, like mowing the grass.