Ok so that title might be an exaggeration but the more I use the Nintendo Switch the more I realize that this device is capable of many many configurations.

It seems like an incredible API for hardware. This is of course intentional. Just looking at the design of the core components my API brain is screaming "I can connect anything to you."

I was recently able to take this to a conference with me and even though I was not able to connect the device to my in room TV (yes, I know, my guess was that the room I was assigned to was clearly from the past or some sort of time aberration). It took no time at all for me to connect with a friend and convince him that a Mario cart all-nighter was, in fact, better than trying to swallow stale conference food.

Attached the dock to the screen and off to the races we went.

There is something that is simply incredible about this device. The feel, the look, something about it is captivating (I haven't tried tasting it yet, but I've been told that's not a good idea).

side note, you might've noticed that above I didn't mention "smell." All kidding aside I truly think that Nintendo would've killed it in the middle-aged market (though I am pretty sure they already did) if they had packaged the switch like the classic NES. Something about that light hint of polyurethane foam brings back unboxing bliss for me.

We, of course, have a 3d printing community around this thing as well.