When you use software do you find yourself to be frustrated or helped? When I design or build something I have a hard time seeing it from the end-user's perspective; I get too excited about the idea or flash of potential.

Detaching myself and deciding that I am a user rather than the developer is hard for me. I used to find it difficult to watch people use the software I created... always wondering if it was good enough, if they'd like it or if I created an app where people become pixel hunters waiting for alt text to appear rather than users trying to get something done.

I really don't feel that way anymore, the fact is it will never be good enough or perfect it will just be what it always has been - my best effort. If it doesn't work I'll start over or change it; if it does make someone's life better then I'll do something else.

One of the most amazing things about creating software is that if you did it once, you can do it again and most likely you'll do it better. One of the best ways to learn how to get better is to be quiet, watch and experience your software with your users and listen to everything they say, even if you disagree with them - especially if you disagree with them.