I recently made a purchase. It was one I did not take lightly, that was intended to set me free from many devices and is by far one of the best developer/creative machines that I have ever used - more on that in a later post.

Given that this was going to be my sole creative machine I knew that I wanted to protect my purchase. Microsoft set me up with an incredible warranty but I knew that dropping the thing would send me into a buddy the elf frenzy.

Generally, with laptops, if you want to be hip you cover them with stickers (I learned that in Portland) and if you want to be paranoid you cover them in something that completely hides the beautiful design of the device - kinda like drinking a Macallan 18 in red plastic cups you bought from Walmart.

I'm not a hipster, I really don't know how to dress well (I put t-shirts on hangers; yeah I'm that guy) nor would I say that have a keen eye for really great art... but simple, elegant things feel really beautiful to me. They just feel right - like they are adding something to the environment that they are in.

I like wood, straight lines and smooth corners. So when I found ToastMade I was sold.

This Portland based group can cover just about anything you have - phones, tablets, an Xbox or your laptop. Everything this company does screams quality. Their milling is extraordinarily precise and so is their customer service.

You can custom design something (I created a psd and had the pleasure of working with Robert @ Toastmade - he helped me refine my design by generating renders of what the Toast would look like), use the templates they have or just order a run of the mill (pun intended) toast.

It was super simple to put on my Surface Book and the look and feel continues to grow with every use of the device. They are a bit pricey but you definitely get what you pay for. Running your hand across one of these covers you know immediately that someone put some serious time in making it.

Thanks ToastMade for making my already incredible device even more amazing!