The intention of the project is to have some sort of configuration gathering that can gets the system info from one machine that can be used to generate a close to identical match on another machine or virtual. This is ideal for troubleshooting software in environments not owned by the troubleshooter. Right now the focus is on the various windows server platforms with the intent of extending it later.

$ winfo_collector.ps1 - the core collection configuration logic
$ run.ps1 - wedge that can be repurposed into a bat or other executable
$ winfo_collector.Tests.ps1 - BDD tests that support the collector

The idea

Dealing with issues with installed software is difficult given the billion different configuration possibilities that each server can have. Why not have a script that generates a list of specifics from a source box then sends it to something like a vmware server for generation so that dev / support can reproduce the issue or senario in an environment that closely matches the remote.



  • powershell
  • chef
  • vmware


Using Pester (requires PsGet) for BDD. Install by opening up a powershell command window:

Nick> (new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("") | iex
Nick> import-module PsGet
Nick> install-module Pester
Nick> import-module Pester
Nick> Get-Module

Run by:

Nick> Invoke-Pester

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