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Jake and the Giant Time Sponge

The idea of meetings often misses the execution of them. Where so much is written about meetings and yet, disturbingly, few teams do them well. »

Jake and the Giant Examination

Interviewing is one of the most challenging tasks as a software engineer or manager. Nobody takes Interviewing 101 in school and many people never get training on how to interview well. Yet it's a vitally important aspect of building a great team. »

Jake and the Giant Blunder

You need a positive system that you can apply when you make mistakes to systematically get better. Try not to focus your mindful energy on your mistake. There's a better way to live with and through mistakes. »

Jake and the Giant Responsibility

True ownership isn't about whether a thing belongs to someone; it's about what the owner does to nurture and care for it. It's about the person and their actions, not possession. »