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A 3-post collection

Jake and the Giant Leap

image courtesy: NASA Black canvas. So dark that he had trouble seeing the outlines of his shoes, they were black as well. The scene almost perfected by the dark logo'ed shirt Jake decided to wear on his first day. Perhaps it was a bit too ominous; the darkness and all. »

Jake and the Giant Pit of Despair

When Jake realized that he had been staring at his screen as if it were one of those autostereogram images (where a 3D scene is encoded in a series of dot patterns) for the past 20 minutes he jolted upright. Even his physical demeanor was communicating that he had the »

Jake and the Giant Tech Debt

He looked at his cursor in vim, his code editor of choice, as if it was going to write the code for him. Jake was an average guy, inspired developer, lover of coffee and JavaScript. Pragmatism seemed to be part of his DNA. Today he felt like he was throwing »