So long and thanks for all the fish

What could a developer say about the end of an 8 year awesome head-spinning journey and the beginning of an amazing God driven adventure? craft> fellowshiptech.pop "Nick" craft> newrelic.push "Nick" For the past several months I have felt the absence of peace »

The soup stone

[tl,dr] Ask yourself (and your developers) is what I am doing what I want to do? If I am doing side projects what makes those so interesting? Because if they are really where I volunteer my "free" time then why is that not my day job? If »

Pixel hunter

When you use software do you find yourself to be frustrated or helped? When I design or build something I have a hard time seeing it from the end-user's perspective; I get too excited about the idea or flash of potential. Detaching myself and deciding that I am a user »

The dark side

Here's a book I pretty much keep in hand all the time: Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and David Farley. Not that it's a really super enjoyable read, but it helps me remember how doing this software thing we do can be awesome for both the dev and user. This »

The rub

What is it about bit-rot that seems to drive us away from quality? Here's the analogy: Let's say you just bought this massive steak that you're going prep before the game. So you know you're gonna create an awesome rub then toss it on the grill at a solid 600° »

Just some of Archcoder's favorite Ruby and Ruby on Rails learning resources...

Docs: apidock railsapi rails guides envylabs rails cheatsheet Teaching tools: Screen / pod casts: »

cd vs. cd

Continuous delivery is... the ability to put the release schedule in the hands of the business, not in the hands of development or operations; making sure that any build could potentially be released to users at the touch of a button using a fully automated process, quickly. A continuous delivery »

Kid gamification - day 3, the finale

As I sit here listening to the TRON soundtrack I recognize that the flashy code of movies like TRON, anit-trust, hackers and the like have changed the ideal picture of what coding something looks and feels like. I have to admit, Hollywood makes slamming out bits look cool and easy »

Kid gamification - day 2

The boys wanted to get stomping on the project code right away (I did too) but I knew this would be a great opportunity to distill some of the assumed magic of code and that it takes a lot more than copy-n-paste and a browser. I think a lot is »

Kid gamification - day 1

Day one consisted of a bunch of idea gathering. My kiddos have vivid imaginations and most of the time when you talk about games they click right into Minecraft mode and that's about all they can talk about. While I am a big fan of Markus Persson and his work, »

Kid gamification - planning

Being a homeschooling dad who is a self proclaimed nerd comes with a great deal of responsibility and it also tools my children in extremely unique ways. We just brought our newest baby girl home (yes, she is awesome!) and I am taking 2 weeks off to help my wife »