The little things

Its funny how the little things always hang us up. I get asked frequently what is the difference between git fetch and git pull at least once a week and sometimes it's by the same people. This originally made me think that I was not doing a good job of »


The intention of the project is to have some sort of configuration gathering that can gets the system info from one machine that can be used to generate a close to identical match on another machine or virtual. This is ideal for troubleshooting software in environments not owned by the »

Dim your lights

So it's dark and you're on some back road driving like you own a light cycle. You come around a corner at blazing speeds and wham! You get hit with light from some on coming drivers high beams. Given that you had yours on as well you quickly switch to »

So long and thanks for all the fish

What could a developer say about the end of an 8 year awesome head-spinning journey and the beginning of an amazing God driven adventure? craft> fellowshiptech.pop "Nick" craft> newrelic.push "Nick" For the past several months I have felt the absence of peace »

The soup stone

[tl,dr] Ask yourself (and your developers) is what I am doing what I want to do? If I am doing side projects what makes those so interesting? Because if they are really where I volunteer my "free" time then why is that not my day job? If »

Pixel hunter

When you use software do you find yourself to be frustrated or helped? When I design or build something I have a hard time seeing it from the end-user's perspective; I get too excited about the idea or flash of potential. Detaching myself and deciding that I am a user »

The dark side

Here's a book I pretty much keep in hand all the time: Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and David Farley. Not that it's a really super enjoyable read, but it helps me remember how doing this software thing we do can be awesome for both the dev and user. This »

The rub

What is it about bit-rot that seems to drive us away from quality? Here's the analogy: Let's say you just bought this massive steak that you're going prep before the game. So you know you're gonna create an awesome rub then toss it on the grill at a solid 600° »

Just some of Archcoder's favorite Ruby and Ruby on Rails learning resources...

Docs: apidock railsapi rails guides envylabs rails cheatsheet Teaching tools: Screen / pod casts: »

cd vs. cd

Continuous delivery is... the ability to put the release schedule in the hands of the business, not in the hands of development or operations; making sure that any build could potentially be released to users at the touch of a button using a fully automated process, quickly. A continuous delivery »

Kid gamification - day 3, the finale

As I sit here listening to the TRON soundtrack I recognize that the flashy code of movies like TRON, anit-trust, hackers and the like have changed the ideal picture of what coding something looks and feels like. I have to admit, Hollywood makes slamming out bits look cool and easy »